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The 'Thongs' Floorball Club is aimed at increasing the awareness of the sport in Australia and around the world! We are very interested in playing more and more games and exchanging ideas with other clubs and challenging other sports clubs to a game.

Floorball is action, it is safe, fast, fun and exciting. Floorball is also a sport for all, male, female, junior, senior, x senior, wheelchair etc.

What is Floorball and why should you play?

Floorball is not a secret anymore!
Floorball is visually like ice hockey. It is played on a wooden or typically smooth indoor surface with composite sticks and a tennis ball size practcie golf ball (or whiffle ball, or Floorball!). All you usually need is a stick and flat sole shoes. Wherever you practice like in a hall or stadium, a ball and a set of goals are usually supplied. For backyard, school lunchtime, beach or street floorball you can innovate of course.
The international court standards are; court size 40 x 20 metres, 5 court players plus gk (without a stick), a rink 50cm high and curved at corners, a 4 x 5 metre marked box for gk to pick up ball, and a 1 x 2.5 metre marked box for only the gk to step or sit in. There are face-off markings (crosses) at the points level with the goals and 1.5m from the rink edge, also 1.5m from the rink edge on the half-way line. The goals are 1.6 m wide and 1.15 m high with a drop net to help show if a goal has been scored.
The ball is 23gms and very non-offensive, however can move at up to 190km/hr, so just kiss the sting and blow it away! The sticks are about 1m high, light and comfortable, and have different flexes for control. The height should be adjusted with a saw to be up to your navel high when leaning against you. The blade is usually made of plastic and can be curved mazimum 30mm left or right handed.
The regulation of how high you can lift the stick keeps the game safe, and apart from this there are few rules, what rules though are for safety and good sportsmanship. There are no off-sides except at the face-off. The design of floorball proper is why the sport has grown so fast around the world. For a complete listing of the rules visit
In alternate fashion, floorball can be played by 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 on a smaller size court (15 x 30 metres or 10 x 20 metres). This involves smaller goals (60cm x 90cm) and no gk. Very fast and suitable to be played almost anywhere. Another popular variation is 2 on 2 in a squash court. This is very testing of your fitness! The basic floorball rules are kept for these variations for juniors and seniors, or family games.
Floorball - fast, safe, exciting